Mr. R.'s Math Poems!

Adding to 10 poemsways to make ten: 0 + 10 (eleven toes!)
ways to make ten: 0 + 10 (tiny baby ant!)
ways to make ten: 1 + 9 (one won one run)
ways to make ten: 1 + 9 (race cars!)
ways to make ten 1 + 9 (the tens tree)
ways to make ten: 2 + 8 (Boo Boos chews shoes)
ways to make ten: 2 + 8 (octopus on a dock)
ways to make ten 3 + 7 (seven slithering snakes)
ways to make ten 7 + 3 (ten wheels)
ways to make ten: 4 + 6 (4 flying fish)
ways to make ten 6 + 4 (six sick sticks)
ways to make ten: 5 + 5 (pennies)
ways to make ten - in general
Adding Double Numbers Poetryadding doubles: 1 + 1 (Silly Spider)
adding doubles 1 + 1 (stinky shoes)
adding doubles: 2 + 2 (tricky tigers)
adding doubles: 2 + 2 (sleeping spiders)
adding doubles: 3 + 3 (leafy tree seeds)
adding doubles: 4 + 4 (mary moo)
adding doubles: 5 + 5 (five bees)
adding doubles: 6 + 6 (6 strands of seaweed)
adding doubles: 6 + 6 (spooky street)
adding doubles: 7 + 7 (seven silly slippers)
adding doubles: 8 + 8 (2 octopi)
adding doubles: 9 + 9 (sun forgot to shine)
adding doubles: 10 + 10 (ten foot neck)
adding doubles plus one
Addition and Subtraction Poemsadding zero (Zoe's Zany Zero)
my dog, addition
my dog, subtraction
subtraction cat
the day 1 + 1= 3
addition limericks
subtraction limericks
Skip Counting Poetryskip count by 2 (ten twins tweet)
skip count by 2 (my fat cat)
skip count by 3 (monsters on my shelf)
skip count by 4 (four noses)
skip count by 5 (counting nickels)
skip count by 10 (new hands)
Geometry Poemssquares- early elementary
square and circle - early elementary
circle - early elementary
oval - early elementary
triangle - early elementary
star - early elementary
dots are spots- early elementary
mr. geometry
position words poem
triangle types
trapezoid or trapezium
perimeter Paul
circle- upper elementary
pi poem
pi limericks
the square on a hill
a line
triangle trouble
geometry limericks
Fractions Poetrynumerator & denominator
fraction tree poem
nate the fraction
my dog, numerator
my dog, denominator
D for Denominator
fraction limericks
Number Sense Poemseyes aren't square
ten fingers
patterns on Saturn
less than greater than- alligator
evens split
2 many 2 much
subitize- a quick look
digit school
place value halloween
place value
commas: place value
what I did last summer
math wrath
math in a tub
math cheese
missing math mystery
square numbers- graph to squares!
Money Math Poetrynickels
dime in town
dimes (how many in a dollar?)
nickels (how many in a quarter?)
quarters are fractions
dollar bill
Multiplication Poemsmy dog, multiplication
multiplication limericks
multiply by hen
Division Poetrymy dog, division
reindeer named remainder
division pigeon
a quarter problem (division)
division limericks
Sports And Math Poemsbaseball math poem
basketball math poem
football math poem
tennis math poem
biking math poem
Number Thief Math StoriesThe Number Thief: Double Number Adventure!
The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers!
Number Thief: Adding Tens
The Number Thief: Multiply By 3!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 4!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 5!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 6!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 7!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 8!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 9!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 10!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 11!
The Number Thief: Multiply By 12!
Pemdas Poetrypemdas
pemdas limericks
Signed Numbers/Integers Poemspositive and negative integers
adding negative integers
subtracting negative integers
multiplying integers
Fractions Math StoryMr. Al-Geebrah’s Fraction Story
Halloween Math Story mr. r.'s halloween favorite- practice 2 x 2 digit multiplication!