Mr. R.’s World of Math

Missing Math Mystery

which subject had disappeared?

   school house

They returned to their school,
After 8-weeks vacation,
I don’t know the date,
The time or location,
But when students walked in,
After summer’s sweet fun,
Something was missing,
Like 1 minus 1…
Which was the subject?
Which topic was gone?
They couldn’t remember,
It had been too, too long…
They studied the schedule,
They tried to remember,
They knew they had English
Like they did last September…
They still had their science,
And gym class, and art,
Which subject was missing?
Which piece of the part?
There was music, and reading,
book stack
And of course, social studies,
There was lunch and fine arts,
And recess with buddies…
Then one cloudy day,
A first-grader pleaded,
He remembered the thing,
All school students needed…
Ms. Morris, please,
I want to learn math,
Can you please show us how,
‘Cause math makes me laugh…
Ms. Morris then looked,
With an oh-so-shocked look,
Checked what she’d written,
In her plan book,
It’s math that she said,
That’s what’s we’re missing,
For math, is what students,
Have all been wish-wishing…
They’d forgotten their math,
And now they’d been caught,
And finally, finally,
They’d found what they sought…
Because a frustrated first grader,
Who loved math a lot,
Remembered that numbers,
Just hit the spot…
So MATH returned,
On a special MATH day,
And teachers and students,
All screamed out hooray!



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