Mr. R.'s Math Stories

Math and Literacy
By combining math and literacy, these math stories can help open up the ‘world of math’ to students with a wider range of learning styles.The word problems found in the stories encourage logical thinking and help students practice getting information from written text. I often have students read the stories aloud in class and then encourage them to solve the math problems on their own.

K-2nd GradeDiego and the Mysterious Floating Donut
This is a read-along video series (4 episodes) on YouTube that reviews basic addition and subtraction facts, double numbers, and ways to add to ten.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
3-5th gradeThe Evil Wizard of Math!
The adventure will take students through a variety of word problems ranging from simple multiplication facts, to large addition and subtraction problems.
This math story is a full-length chapter book- the complete book is over 180 pages, and what I presently have online (12 chapters) is about half that length.
The text of the story and its poems, are also written to be level appropriate and should provide hours of entertaining challenges for your students.
The Not So Great Pumpkin: Double Digit Multiplication (a Halloween Math Story)
The story has 10 mini-chapters (one page each). The math in the story focuses on double digit multiplication. Of course, the math problems can be skipped and the silly Halloween story can be read on its own. Students should be able to work through this entire story and related math problems in about 45 minutes.
Ted,The Thanksgiving Turkey: Multiplication (a Thanksgiving Math Story)
The math in the story is focused on number sense and multiplication skills.

Don't miss the video/read along version!
Number Thief Multiplication Stories
These rhyming stories are appropriate for 3rd-5th grade. Each of these interactive stories takes a humorous approach to one of the multiplication tables.
The Number Thief: Number Sense Stories
The math in these humorous rhyming stories is appropriate for 1st-3rd grade.They review the addition of double numbers, adding 10's on and off decade, and odd and even numbers.
4-6th Grade
Mr. Al Geebrah's Fraction Story
This story is appropriate for 4th-6th grade. This story challenges students to put their fraction skills to use. The questions focus on addition of fractions, reducing fractions, and finding equivalent fractions.
Mr. Al Geebrah is a short story that is 17 pages in length. Students should be able to work through this math story in one or two class periods.