Mr. R.’s World of Math

Tiny Baby Ant

adding 10 + 0

Tiny baby ant,

And his auntie Bee,
cartoon bee
Were having so much fun,
Climbing up a tree…
Tiny baby ant,
Saw some monkeys play,
“Look 11 monkeys,
On the tree today!”
ten monkeys holding hands
“I only count to 10,”
Said ant’s Auntie Bee,
“Are you sure you count 11?
Let me check and see!”
Auntie Bee then counted,
And only got to 10,
She checked her math a million times,
And 5 more times again!!!!!
She didn’t get 11,
Not even 9 or 8,
10 + 0 monkeys,
And not one giant APE!!!!!!!!!!
She turned to tiny ant,
“Count them one more time,”
So he counted one by one,
And got one more than nine!
10 + 0 monkeys on the tree today,
10 fun-loving monkeys,
That really like to play!”
ten monkeys holding hands


If there are 7 monkeys on a tree and 5 have bananas to eat, how many don’t have bananas to eat?
If there are 10 monkeys on a tree, and 6 more monkeys come to play, but then 2 go off to have dinner, how many monkeys are left in the tree?

How many ears do 16 monkeys have?



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