Mr. R.’s World of Math

Mr. R.'s Math Songs!

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early learnerscount to 5
count to 10 (on the farm)
count to 10 (BINGO)
count to 30
double number zoo
double numbers
tens frame song
100th day of school
counting to 100
my dog addition
my dog subtraction
ordinal numbers song
ten digits song
adding 1 + 1 (stinky shoes)
shapes song
square song
triangle song
circle song
star song
Place Value Songsplace value (1)
place value (2)
place value to thousands (comma me)
place value to the millions and billions
Place Value Millions And Billions (bubble gum)
place value trillions (Halloween)
how to place commas in numbers
Ways to Make 10!My Dog Adds to Ten!
6 ways to make ten song
Number Senseeven number song
odd number song
skip countingcount by 2
count by 3
count by 5
count by 5 (halloween version)
my dog counts by 10
this old man counts by 10
count by tens- with cupcakes
geometrygeometry song- circles, squares, polygons
pi song (pi day!)
pi limericks
hypotenuse song
fractionsmy dog fraction
fractions fractions
my dog denominator
my dog numerator
numerators and denominators
denominator song
money math songs2 dimes and a nickel make a quarter
4 quarters make a dollar
coin value song
adding coins to a dollar- dollar tried to fly!
double number songsdouble numbers
double number zoo
stinky shoes (adding 1 + 1)
the sun forgot to shine (adding 9 + 9)
multiplication/divisionmy dog multiplication
my dog division
4 times tables song
5 times tables song
6 times tables song
7 times tables song
8 times tables song
7 x 8 song
9 times table song (video)
multiply by ten song
11 times tables
12 times tables song
Integerssubtracting negative numbers song
Pi Songspi song (pi day!)
pi limericks