Mr. R.’s World of Math

The Tens Tree

adding 9 + 1

A sign was hanging on a tree,
cartoon tree
I read that sign from A to Z,
The words were really sad to see,
I’m sure my friends would all agree!
A silly sign is what we’d say,
What was written there that day?
You must be 10 to climb this tree!
You must be 10 to climb on me!
You must be 10 to climb up high!
You must be 10 to reach the sky!
I was only 9 years old,
And had no patience, truth be told,
I couldn’t wait a year to play,
I had to climb this tree that day!
I sat and thought a long-long time,
Until a plan came to my mind,
A plan which used my little sis,
With her I knew I couldn’t miss,
Sis was only 1-year old,
And small enough for me to hold,
I knew my plan was good as gold,
Together we were 10 years old!
We showed that tree that we were 10,
And climbed and played right there and then.


If there are 9 seeds and 4 of them sprout into tall trees, how many seeds did not sprout?
If the sign in the poem said I have to be 14 years old to climb the tree, how many more years would I have to wait to climb it? (I’m already 9)
If a tree is 18 feet tall, and grows another 7 feet, how tall will the tree be?



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