Mr. R.'s Math Music Videos

Place Value SongsOnes, Tens, Hundreds 1
Ones, Tens, Hundreds 2
Halloween Place Value Poem (To the Millions)
Place Value To the Thousands
How To Put Commas in Numbers
Place Value to the Millions
Place Value to the Trillions (Halloween Version)
Place Value to the Millions and Billions
Fraction SongsMy Dog Fraction
My Dog Numerator
My Dog Denominator
Fractions Fractions Song
Numerators and Denominators
Basic Math OperationsMy Dog Subtraction
My Dog Addition
My Dog Multiplication
My Dog Division
Subtraction Song: Missing Donut Mystery
Subtraction Cat
Skip Counting SongsSkip Count by 2
Count by 3's when you sneeze!
Count by 3- Halloween Version!!
Skip Count By 3
Skip Count By 5
Skip Count By 10 (1)
Skip Count By 10 (This Old Man)
My Dog Counts By 10
Skip Count By 5 Halloween Version
Turkey Skip Counting by 2, 5, and 10- Thanksgiving!
Count Back by 2's- Halloween Version
Telling Time/Calendar SongsTelling Time to the Half Hour
Telling Time to the Hour
60 Minutes in an Hour
Days of the Week Song
Ways To Add to 10My Dog Adds to Tens
6 Ways to Add to 10
Adding Double NumbersMy Doggie Double
Double Number Zoo
Double Numbers Are So Sweet
Doubles Plus One (Halloween)
Geometry SongsShape Song for Early Learners
Circle Song for Early Learners
Triangle Song for Early Learners
Square Song for Early Learners
Star Song
Hypotenuse Song
Geometry Song
Pi Song
Pi Day Limericks!
Number Sense/Tens FramesEven Numbers Song
Odd Numbers
10 Digits Song
Ordinal Numbers Song
Tens Frame Song
Tens Frame Subtraction
Tens Frame Double Numbers
20 Frame Song
Less Than Greater Than
6 ways to add to 10
Counting On Song
I forgot my math last summer
Rounding to Nearest 10
Money SongsCoin Value Song
How Coins Can Make a Dollar
4 Quarters Make a Dollar
2 Dimes and a Nickel Make a Quarter
Multiplication Songs and StoriesMy Dog Multiplication Song
My Dog Multiplication Poem
2X Facts Song
4X Facts Song
4's Multiplication Facts Song
5's Multiplication Facts Song
Number Thief Christmas Story (6 Times Facts)
6X Facts Song (3)
6 Multiplication Facts Song
6 Multiplication Facts Song (3)
7's Multiplication Facts Song
Multiply 7 X 8 Song! (a story with a trick!)
8's Multiplication Facts Song
8's Multiplication Facts Song 2
9's Multiplication Facts Song (with finger trick)
10's Multiplication Facts Song (Old Man's Hen)
11's Multiplication Facts Song
Number Thief New Year's Story (12 Times Facts)
12's Multiplication Facts
Square Numbers Song (They Graph as Squares)
ted the thanksgiving turkey math story
Counting SongsCounting to 5
Counting to 10 (chicken chicks)
Count to 10 (Farm Song)
Count To 30
Count To 100 (Ice Cream!)
100th Day of School Song!
Turkey Count and Subitize (Thanksgiving Math!)
Hanukkah Count and Subitize Song
Reindeer Count and Subitize (Christmas Math Song)
Reindeer Count and Subitize (2)
PEMDAS/IntegersPemdas song
Subtracting negative integers