Mr. R.’s World of Math

Halloween Place Value Poem

We lived in a house,
We called it the ones place,
It was always a silly,
And shall I say fun place!
And then one day,
A few years ago,
A strange thing happened,
How did it go?
It was Halloween night,
And my costume was cool,
A green fingered ghost-get-up,
I’d made it at school,
I picked-up my pumpkin,
It was plastic of course,
I called down my sister,
She was dressed as a horse!
Now, let me first say,
My name is Ten,
And sister’s name is Hundred…
And our baby brother’s,
Name is One,
He’s really a silly,
And fun-kid…
We went out to get tricked,
Out to be treated,
When candy time came,
We wouldn’t be cheated!
We went next door,
To the house of the Thousand’s,
They had,
10 dogs,
10 ducks,
10 cows…
And they had 3 kids,
Named One,Ten,Hundred,
And that made me think,
As I stood there and wondered,
How’d they have,
The same names as us?
Why weren’t they named,
Brenda or Russ?
But that’s okay,
I won’t make a fuss…
They tossed us 3 cupcakes,
Then we ran like a race,
The thousands were big,
Scared us back to our place…

We ate the 3 sweet treats,
The thousands just gave us,
But we wanted much more,
A candy filled school bus!

So, we went to the next house,
To the left,
On our street…
I wasn’t surprised,
Knew that we’d meet,
The Million’s family,
For they lived next door,
To the thousands’ house…
And we did like before…
We walked up their driveway,
And knocked on their door,
They too had three kids,
Not 7 or 4…
And their names were the same,
One,Ten, Hundred,
And that made me think,
As I stood there and wondered,
How’d they have,
The same names as us?
Why weren’t they named,
Susanna or Gus?
But that’s okay,
I won’t make any fuss…
If they have 3 kids,
Named just like us,
We’ll get 3 treats,
And that’s a big plus!!!
But when the door opened,
I let out a scream,
The Millions were giant,
Like 2-tons of ice cream!!!
I grabbed,
Sister, Hundred,
I grabbed,
Baby, One,
I closed my ghost eyes,
And we started to run…
We ran from the Millions,
We ran past the Thousands,
We ran past the dogs,
And the ducks,
And the cows…
And we finally got back,
To our little one’s place,
And I felt like we’d finished,
A 10-mile race…
Well, we got in our spots,
Time to go ‘sleepy,’
And dreamed of the Millions,
So big, and so creepy…

And that’s the true story,
of my Halloween math,
I hope you don’t get lost,
On that same scary path,
If you do,
Just yell out,
A really strong scream,
And Mr. R. will wish you,
A happy and safe Halloween…

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