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Christmas Skip Counting Up & Down by 2

The story of how counting by 2’s saved Christmas!

Santa had 100 awesome gifts to bring,
(these are awesome)
stacked high up in his Santa sled,
(that’s a high pile)
But Rudolph had a very, very bad cold,
(poor Rudolph!)
And he sneezed so much his nose was surely red!
(stay at home Rudolph)
Now with every single one of Rudolph’s wet sneezes,
2 toys flew out of Santa’s sweet sleigh.
(That’s a pair of toys!)
And we sure hope that Santa can find them all ,
(where can they be?)
As the delivery date states today!
(It’s Christmas eve)

Counting back,
Counting back,
Counting back by 2
Every time Rudolph sneezed,
Toys flew in groups of 2!
Counting back,
Counting back,
Counting back by 2
Every time Rudolph sneezed
Toys counted back by 2!

Well Santa started with 100 gifts in his sled and Rudolph kept sneezing away 2 at a time, so Santa had to count back by 2s. Can you help him?

100-98-96-94-92-90-88-86-84-82-80-78-76-74-72-70-68-66-64-62- 60-58-56-54-52-50-48-46-44-42-40-38-36-34-32-30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-0

Now all the gifts were gone, what was Santa going to do? He knew he had to deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve! Let’s listen to see what happened?

Well Santa went and found all his great gifts,
(these are great)
And piled them right back up on his sleigh,
(whoa that’s a high pile)
Then he told his trusty Rudolph to go rest,
(you get some rest Rudolph)
And drink lots and lots of liquids on that day…
(and drink plenty of liquids)
So Santa called a substitute reindeer,
(Hey Charlie, can you fly?)
And told him he would need to fly quick!
(we gotta go quick)
And that Rudolph would be joining everyone next year,
(he’ll be back next year)
When he wasn’t sneezing or feeling sick!
(he’ll be much better)

Count by 2
Count by 2
Let’s all count by 2
Santa found all the gifts,
And he put them back by 2
Count by 2
Count by 2
Let’s all count by 2
All the gifts were on his sled,
And he put them back by 2

Now Santa had to put 100 gifts back in his sled, and he did this 2 at a time, so we better help him count up by 2’s!


All the gifts were back and Santa could now deliver them to children all over the world. Counting by 2’s saved Christmas. And with that I say merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…LYRI



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