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Mr. R.'s Math Exemplars, Lessons, and Games

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number sense/
place value
color tiles challenge
base ten detective activity
train of blocks
pennies to dimes trading game
bags of money math activity coin counting
making tens solitaire game
adding double numbers card game
thanksgiving turkey exemplar
adding tens (and more) activity
coin combinations activity
shrinking lines subtraction activity
window washers math challenge
towers of ten unifix cube activity
the penny thief math challenge
number sense/
place value
base ten block counting challenge
hundreds chart tic-tac-toe
penny a day challenge
progressive place value activity
place value unifix cube activity
what I did last summer activity
mr. geometry
place value poker
number thief double numbers activity
perimeter paul activity
quarters for change challenge
cutting paper exemplar
counting coins
Money Money Game- Counting Coins
stamp machine exemplar
purchasing pens: making change of a dollar
ice cream machine exemplar
birthday math exemplar
teddy bear calendar math exemplar
trick or treat exemplar
new york city marathon challenge
Oreo Cookie Shopping Exemplar
ketchup bottle exemplar
elevator challenge exemplar
mars rover exemplar
cycling hills exemplar
subtraction blackjack game
multiplicationcorral exemplar (area)
banana split exemplar
multiplication facts grid game
multiplication facts circle Game
multiples of 10 game
dominoes multiplication game
multiplication array race
my dog multiplication
factor battle card game
design a house activity
thanksgiving turkey math challenge
thanksgiving budget math exemplar
divisionpartial quotients division powerpoint
fractions of brownies exemplar
octopus math exemplar
copy machine exemplar
my dog division
division pigeon
remainder math game
what's the deal M&M's exemplar
fractionscomparing fractions game
fraction measuring cups activity
clogged tub exemplar
inventor- color fractions activity
cutting paper exemplar
decimalsweight on mars activity
decimal operations logic game
Holiday Math Challenges
(these are multi-grade, multi-topic)
Holiday Maththanksgiving math word problems
thanksgiving turkey exemplar
thanksgiving budget math exemplar
ted the thanksgiving turkey math story (multiplication)
Holiday Math Word Problems