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30 second remainder game

Lesson: 30-second remainder game
Grade Level: 3-4-5
Skills: division and remainders

Blank paper
Pens & Pencils

Discuss the length of a minute. Use a timer and have students put their heads on their desks and raise their hands when they think a minute is up.

Discuss whether they thought a minute was longer or shorter than they had expected.

Procedure for game: (This is a whole class activity)

  1. Tell students they are going to have 30 seconds to write consecutive numbers (starting with 1) on a piece of paper in pen. This is not a race- they can choose to write as many or as few numbers as they want as long as its more than six.
  1. After the 30 seconds are up, they put pens down and one student rolls a 6-sided die. Whatever number comes up is the number the class has to divide their number list by (have them use pencils for this).

For example: If a student has written 1-14 on their sheet, and a six is rolled on the die:

14 ÷ 6 = 2  Remainder 2

remainder game image

  1. The student(s) with the smallest remainder (usually of one or zero) will get a point for that round. You can change the rules so that the largest remainder wins.
  1. Repeat as needed

Questions for Discussion:

Did anyone think of any strategies to get smaller remainders?

What were some strategies to divide your number list?

Did it matter how many or how few numbers you wrote?

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