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progressive place value

Lesson: Progressive Place Value
Topic: place value
Grade Level: 2-4
Materials: numeral Cards with digits 0-9

Review and develop concept of how position of a digit in a number affects its value.
ie: as a 5 appears further to the left in a number, it has a greater value- it starts as 5 ones, but progresses to 5 tens or fifty, then five hundreds, etc.


1. First player draws a numeral card, stands in front of the classroom, and says number. For example:


2. Second player draws a card and stands to the right of the first player. The two players must say their number correctly. For example if the first player drew a 7 and the second player draws a 6, first player would now say “seventy” and the second player would say, “six.”


3. Third player draws a card and stands to the right again.

ie: if 3 rd player draws a five they make the number: Seven hundred sixty five


First player now has to say, “seven hundred,” second player says “sixty,” and third says, “five.” Repeat to as high a place value as is appropriate for your students.


Play with two teams and have players race to rearrange themselves to make greatest/smallest or even/odd numbers, etc


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