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Double Numbers Addition Card Game

Activity: Doubles Numbers Game
Grade Level: 1-3
Skills: double number addition facts

* numeral card deck (this deck has cards with digits 0-9)
* 4-5 players (one who is dealer)

1. Dealer gives each player one card from top of numeral card deck. Player looks at card and places it face-down on table.
2. Dealer deals a card from top of deck and places it face-up on table.
3. If dealt card matches a card a player is holding, player says “double” then says the sum of the two cards:

For example if a player is holding an 8 and the dealt card is an 8, they must say, “Double! Sum is 16”

(If more than one player has a match, the first player to say the sum wins)

4. The player who has the double match keeps the two cards in their doubles pile and gets a new card from the top of the deck.

5. If the dealt card has no double, the dealer places the card back on the bottom of the deck.

Play for a specified time, or until all cards are matched in pairs. At end of game, players count their cards: whoever has the most cards “wins.”
Alternative: players must add up the numbers on their cards, and player with greatest sum wins.

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