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hundreds chart tic-tac-toe

Lesson: Tic-Tac-Toe Hundreds
Grade level: 1st – 3rd
Skills: number sense, ordering numbers, and place value


0-9 digit dice
100’s charts (download here)
colored markers

How to play:

Game is played with two players- each has a different color marker

1. first player rolls 2 die to get 2 digits

2. player decides which digit goes in which place. For example an 8 and 7 can be used to make either 78 or 87.

3. player marks spot on the 100’s chart with a colored pencil (or a base-ten unit cube)

The goal is to get three numbers in a row on the 100’s chart.
Numbers that span across two rows such as 29-30-31 can be winners.

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