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pennies to dimes trading game

Lesson: Penny Trading Game
Grade level: 2
Concepts/Skills: counting by ones and tens, trading pennies for dimes, comparing numbers

dimes and pennies
game Sheet (click on link above for printable version)

How many pennies would it take to have the same value as a dime?
What are two ways to make 11¢. dime plus penny, or 11 pennies
Relate pennies and dimes, to ones and tens in place value

1. Each student gets game sheet.
2. First player rolls the die and takes the corresponding amount of pennies and places them in the penny boxes on their sheet. For example if a student rolls a 5 they put 5 pennies in boxes.

pennies and dimes score sheet

3. second player rolls and puts pennies on their sheet.

4. First player rolls again. If their number of pennies totals more than 10, they must trade for a dime and place it in the dimes box. For example if the first player had their 5 pennies on the board and then roll a six, they need to trade for a dime and keep 1 penny to make 11¢.


pennies for dimes image 2

5. During the game:
Players should regularly compare their total amount of money by looking at the game board. They should be able to count by tens and ones to quickly see who has more money.

6. Players take turns until time is up or until they get to 60¢. Of course they can play for more or less. At the end of the game, players write down their total amount in the amount box and compare their final totals.

During the game, ask students if they can figure out much more money they would need to have a certain amount. For example, if they have 14¢, can they figure out how much more money would they need to have 30¢?
Remember to relate the pennies and dimes to tens and ones as often as possible

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