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place value poker

Lesson: Place Value Poker
Skills: Place value and addition skills
Grade Level: 2-5
Deck of numeral cards or playing cards
Score sheet (optional)
Two players:

This game is based on traditional poker.


1. Dealer deals 4 cards to each player (this is for numbers into the thousands- players can use more or fewer cards depending on desired place value)

2. Each player arranges his/her cards to make the highest possible number.

3. Each player may trade in up to two cards to try to make a greater number.

4. First player reads out his/her number in words. Then player #2 reads number. The player with the greater number wins the round.

If using a playing card deck remove all picture cards and 10’s=0 aces=1

Optional Score Keeping:
The winner of each round finds the sum of the digits of his/her number and writes it on a score sheet.

The player who has the highest point total after ten rounds is the winner.

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