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Thanksgiving Math Word Problems

Thanksgiving Math Challenges!

Grade Level: K-5- (adjust the numbers to fit your students’ needs!)
Skills: Various

1. If there are 9 turkeys in a room, and 2 leave, how many wings would be left on the turkeys in the room? (turkeys have 2 wings each)

2. If you buy 2 pumpkin pies and cut them each into 8 slices, how many slices would you have in total?

3. If there are 9 pilgrims in a boat and 4 of them are wearing hats, how many are not wearing hats?

4. Turkeys have 2 legs, and dogs have 4 legs, find out different combinations of dogs and turkeys that will give you 10 legs in total? How about 20 legs?

5. If Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 24th, what day of the week will it be on November 30th?

6. A Thanksgiving turkey starts with a weight of 10 pounds. If it then gains 3 pounds each morning, but loses 1 pound each night, how much does the turkey weigh after 7 days?

7. You have 58 Thanksgiving pies. 27 of them are pumpkin pies. How many are not pumpkin pies?

8. 2 sides of the buckle on a pilgrim’s hat (I’m not sure what those buckles were for) measure 3 inches and 4 inches. If the buckle is a rectangle, what is the perimeter around the entire buckle?

9. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims and the Wampanoag people in the year 1621. How many years, including this one, has Thanksgiving been celebrated?

10. There are 18 place settings at a Thanksgiving table. Each place setting has 1 big plate, 1 small plate, and 1 dessert plate. How many plates are on the table in total? How many more place settings would you need so that there are exactly 99 plates on the table?

11. You are making a sign that says HAPPY THANKSGIVING to use in the Macy’s parade. If vowels cost $8 each, and consonants cost $7 each, how much would the sign cost to make? (Yes, the letter Y is a vowel in the word HAPPY).

12. There are 5 turkeys in a cage. One weighs 11 pounds, one weighs 17 pounds, one weighs 24 pounds, and 2 weigh 19 pounds each. What is the average weight of the turkeys in the cage?

13. Each year, my family eats more cranberry sauce on thanksgiving.
In 2017, we ate 3 ounces
In 2018, we ate 9 ounces
In 2019 we ate 27 ounces
If this pattern continues, how many ounces of cranberry sauce would we eat in the year 2023? (figure out the pattern first)

14. If you use 36 cranberries to make each bowl of cranberry sauce, how many cranberries do you need to
make 3 1/2 bowls of cranberry sauce?

15. If 4 ounces of turkey has 8 grams of fat and 170 calories, how many grams of fat, and how many calories are in a pound of turkey?

16. If a turkey weighs 16 pounds, how many calories does it have? (remember there are 170 calories in 4 ounces of turkey)

17. A turkey has 1595 grams of protein. If there are 84 grams of protein in a pound of turkey. How much does the turkey weigh?

18. If a slice of pumpkin pie is cut in a perfect triangle and two of the angles of the triangle are 66, and 56 degrees, what is the third angle of the triangle?

19. There are 6 turkeys in a cage. One weighs 11 pounds, one weighs 17 pounds, one weighs 24 pounds, and 2 weigh 19 pounds each. How much would the sixth turkey have to weigh to give the turkeys an average weight of 21 pounds?

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