Mr. R.’s World of Math

Trick or Treat Exemplar

Lesson: Trick or Treat Challenge
Grade Level: 3 – 4
Skills: Addition, subtraction, patterns, logic

Exemplar: You just put on your new Halloween costume and you and your friends are going trick or treating.  At the first house on your street you get 5 pieces of candy, at the second house, you get 10, and at the third house, you get 15. If the pattern continues and there are 12 houses on your street, how many pieces of candy will you get in all? (hint: find the pattern first)

Challenge 1: If you eat two pieces of candy between each house, how many would you have after all 12 houses?

Super Challenge: If you went trick or treating with 8 friends and they all got the same amount of candy as you, how many pieces of candy did you and your 8 friends get in total?

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