Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog Multiplication: Poem

Late last year, during winter vacation,

Dad got us our dog, Multiplication

Now Multiplication’s a good dog,

but often brings trouble

like the day I woke up, and noticed he’d doubled!

Two dogs were there, double the fun!

I had a big grin that was 2 dogs X 1

Now 2 dogs were cool, but what about more?

The next day I woke up, and saw there were 4

4 dogs were a lot, but the fun was still great,

until the next morning, when I saw there were 8…

Eight dogs for walking was one of my fears,

that’s 32 legs and 16 dog ears!!!

But now I know 8 was a small complication,

compared to 16 times my dog Multiplication!

That’s 64 paws, and 16 long tails, 32 eyes, and 256 toe nails!

Having so many dogs has been a wild-fun ride,

but it’s time Multiplication learns to divide!

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