Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog Addition

Well I got a new dog,
I named her addition,
She loves to eat foods,
So she lives in the kitchen
She takes all the food,
From each closet and drawer,
She eats all that food,
But she always wants more!
My parents were angry,
And my brother was too,
She ate up his homework,
And then ate up his shoe!
Each day Addition,
Well, she’s adding more weight,
She thinks every new thing,
Truly tastes great…

My doggie named addition,
She really likes to add,
Finding sums of different numbers
Really makes her glad!
She doesn’t bark or bite,
She stays up every night,
Adding numbers finding sums,
Makes her feel alright!

She ate sister’s breakfast,
She ate momma’s chair,
She ate brother’s baseball,
And she ate daddy’s hair!
She started at 4 pounds,
But added 2 more,
The sum of her dog pounds?
Was greater than 4.
She added 2 pounds,
To her 4 pounds that day,
How many dog pounds,
Did addition now weigh?

6 pounds is small!
She screamed with dismay,
So she added 3 pounds,
To her weight the next day,
What had she eaten,
To gain those 3 pounds?
A tree and a yo-yo,
A toy train that made sounds!
Now Addition was big,
But not as heavy as me,
How many pounds
Is 6 pounds plus 3?

I yelled 9’s quite enough!
Adding’s making you bigger,
Much more doggy weight gain,
And you’ll ruin your figure!
But she added again,
She was growing galore!
She got stuck in the door,
She’d added ten more!
What had she eaten,
To gain those 10 pounds?
She ate my pajamas,
And my mother’s nightgowns!
Now here’s a big challenge,
Let’s count them again,
What’s the big sum,
Of a 9 and a 10?

19 dog pounds,
She looked like a hog,
Couldn’t walk, or go swimming,
Or chase balls, or jog!!
Addition kept adding,
And putting on pounds,
Until her stomach did gurgle,
With groaning-type sounds!!!
Now Addition’s so big,
It’s just a sad fact,
I’ll need dog, Addition,
To learn to subtract…
Subtraction makes things,
Smaller they say,
Instead of adding more on,
It takes things away!

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