Mr. R.’s World of Math

2D Shapes with Santa- A Christmas Math Song!


What Santa did for Christmas,
I really can’t believe,
He brought some gifts with Rudolph,
And then he turned to leave!

He said his gifts were 2D,
Like the screen I watch all day,
He said his gifts were 2D,
I’d like them anyway!

Now I’ll fly my reindeer,
My reindeer are 3D,
So have a merry math day,
And learn geometry!

Well I opened up the first box,
What happened was a shame,
I saw a 2D shape,
But I didn’t know its name!
I had to ask my puppy,
She helped poor kids like me,
I had to ask my puppy,
She liked geometry!

(These are the individual Chorus Parts)
That’s a circle
Thats an oval
That’s a triangle
That’s a square
That’s a rhombus
That’s a rectangle
That’s a trapezoid
That’s a pentagon
That’s a hexagon
That’s an octagon

What an awesome Christmas
I learned geometry
From Santa’s 2D presents,
Underneath my tree!
So have a Merry Christmas
Filled with 3D cheer,
Have a Merry Christmas and a GEOMETRIC year!


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