Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog Fraction


My doggy Fraction, she likes parts,
She likes them when they’re equal,
F – r – a – c – t – i – o – n,
She cut my stuff in equal parts,
Then did it all again!
Oh No!

Mom got us a new dog,
Who liked equal parts,
Quarters, halves, thirds,
Our dog had math smarts!
And what did we name her?
Well we named our dog fraction,
And we couldn’t be blamed, it was just a reaction!
Fraction caused trouble, for my momma and me,
Making parts out of things,
Everything she could see,
She cut up or stuff into equal sized pieces,
She cut up our skateboards, she cut up our fleeces!
We told her to stop!
We told her to cease!
She said, “I like everything to be in more than one piece!”

My new bed was great,
It was red, green, and blue,
Fraction cut it in half,
with a saw,into 2!
Fraction! I screamed, what did you just do!
She said, “One part for me, and there’s one part for you!”
I said, I can’t use a half-bed, there’s no place to sleep,
Doggy fraction got sad, and she started to weep!
I told her to stop it,
“Stop cutting our stuff!”
I don’t like these pieces!
Enough is enough!
Fraction stop now,
Don’t consider a sequel,
She looked up and said,
I love parts that are equal!

My new book was cool,
With great pictures and words,
But she cut it in pieces,
3 pieces make thirds!
Fraction, I screamed, I can’t read this book now,
She said, sure you can read it, I’ll demonstrate how!
One piece for me, and 2 pieces for you,
You hold them like this, we won’t need to use glue!
I yelled,
this book is shot,
It’s just junk for the birds,
I can’t read the book’s title, the end, or the words,
My doggy just smiled,
I just love to make thirds!
And what she said next,
It just can’t be explained,
“I prefer things in parts,
Parts of wholes, is my game!”

You get fractions when you divide things into equal parts.
For example, this bar has been divided into four equal parts, which are called quarters,
This bar has been divided into 3 equal parts, which are called thirds,
And this bar has been divided into 2 equal parts, which are called halves.

I was making some donuts, and a pink frosted cake,
For mom’s upcoming birthday, put the oven on bake,
When they were done cooking, I left them to cool,
Then went out to the school bus, to travel to school.
I returned to my home, that same afternoon,
And I found doggie fraction asleep in my room,
Beside her I saw all the things that I’d baked,
Cut into quarters, yes, my poor little cake!
Now what did you do, good grief, goodness sake!
Momma won’t eat these, and they were real hard to make!
And look at the donuts, it will break both our hearts,
They’ve been cut very nicely into 4 equal parts,
Fractions are yummy, she went on to repeat,
Fractions are tasty, like quarters they’re sweet!
I like equal parts, you know they taste fine,
They’re deliciously tasty, all of the time!

My mom ate the cake, and it warmed all our hearts,
She said things taste better when divided in parts.
Fraction just smiled, and so did we all,
And she went out to play with a bone, and a ball,
And when she returned, it warmed all our hearts,
But we saw her dog bone was in six equal parts!
Fraction we said, can’t you leave some things whole,
she shook her dog’s head, and said that’s not my goal!
Fractions are parts,
And parts are so cool,
We use them in cooking, on clocks, and at school!
So never forget, I want no distractions,
Equal parts are so good, because they make up my fractions!

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