Mr. R.’s World of Math

Dimes in a Dollar

How many more do I need to make a dollar?

 All of the time,
I’m counting my dimes,
Each one’s worth 10 single cents…

But I need a whole dollar,
To purchase great things,
Like a dog, a cat, and a fence…
dog cartoon   fence yellow
I’m counting my dimes,
I’m counting by tens,
Starting with ten, twenty, thirty,

Three valuable dimes,
Are here in my jar,
One’s shiny,
2 others are dirty…
3 silver dimes are not nearly enough,
To buy my new cat a new collar,
The sign at the pet shop, clearly it read,
New collars cost one single dollar
dollar bill cartoon
That’s 100 cents, exactly 10 dimes,
For the perfect great gift for my cat,
How many more dimes would I need to go find,
If I want to afford to buy that?

(don’t forget to count by tens!)


If you have 3 dimes, how many more do you need to make one dollar?
If you have 4 dimes and give away 2 dimes, how many cents do you have?
If there are 62 cents on the table, and there are only dimes and pennies, how many dimes and pennies do you have?


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