Mr. R.’s World of Math

Nickels in a Quarter

5 nickels are equal to one quarter

The number of nickels a quarter is worth,
nickel cartoon= ?quarter coin
Is something I can’t figure out…
2, or 3, or 6, or 9,
I’m sitting here riddled with doubt…
I need 25 cents to ride this ride,rollercoaster cartoon
But nickels are all that I got,
So how many nickels equal a quarter,
I know it can’t be a lot…
I don’t count them by 10’s,
Or 7’s, or 1’s,
Nickels are always 5 cents!
5 then 10,
15 then 20,
nickel cartoonnickel cartoonnickel cartoonnickel cartoon
Skip-counting makes really good sense…
But 20 cents is not enough,
I need the whole 25,
One more nickel makes my goal,
And now I can ride this sweet ride!
nickel cartoonnickel cartoonnickel cartoonnickel cartoonnickel cartoon

(5 nickels equal 25¢ or one quarter!)


You pour out the coins from your piggy bank. There are 6 nickels. How much money do you have?
You have two quarters and trade them in for nickels. How many nickels would you get?
If you have 2 quarters, and three nickels. How much money do you have?


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