Mr. R.’s World of Math

Geometry Limericks

to be read in the limerick style

A circle looked up with a sigh,
I wonder what fills my inside,
She tested a rule,
They’d taught her in school,
Found it was r-squared times pi…

A circle once said to a square,
“Your angles poke me everywhere!”
Try to be smooth,
It’s the way you should move,
An iron can help you get there…

A triangle’s sister once said,
I want a triangular bed!
To build it’s a breeze,
1-80 degrees,
I’ll paint its 3 vertices red!

A line and a ray over there,
Were lazy! An unlikely pair,
It might make them sore,
But they better move more,
Or get fat like a 4-sided square…

The line and the ray had a spat,
Ray wrestled line down to the mat,
At least I don’t end!
Screamed line to his friend,
And ray had no answer for that…



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