Mr. R.’s World of Math

The Day 1 + 1 = 3

a very strange day

Something strange happened,
This morning at 9,
cartoon clock

This day would be weird,
I’ll tell you in rhyme!
I went to the kitchen,
To butter my toast,
I took out my knife
And went white as a ghost…
bread- toast   bread- toastbread- toast
Instead of 2 pieces,
Of buttery bread,
3 slices were there,
What’s wrong with my head?
I put on my shoes,
I had a new foot,
My bike had 3 tires,
My brain was kaput!
My face had 3 eyes,
eyes 3 in a row
To match my 3 ears,
Little brother was 3,
Instead of 2 years…
Then I just realized,
It made sense to me,
What counted to 2,
Now counted to 3
“No way!” said my teacher,
My mom, and Aunt Bett,
“Add up 2 ones,
To see what you get!”
They added 2 ones,
And what could I do?
The truth in plain sight,
Their sum was just 2…
I checked, and I checked,
Went over my work,
Each time I got 3,
I was going beserk!
I went to the doc,
I called the police,
policeman cartoon
I summoned some teachers,
From France, and from Greece,
They told me 2 ones,
Are equal to 2,
I added to 3,
Until I was blue!
I pulled at my hair,
Tears filled my eyes,
I just want to add,
Without a surprise!
Then in the mirror,
Came the solution,
My eyes were all blurred,
Like a sky with pollution!
I ran for my glasses,
That lay by my bed,
Grabbed them as fast,
As a hungry shark’s fed!!!
I wrote down the numbers,
That gave me such trouble,
And then I felt good,
1 + 1 is one doubled…
They added to 2,
You dice it and slice it,
My glasses and adding,
Sure made a nice fit…
The lesson I learned?
When it’s time to go add,
I should put on my glasses,
Or be very sad…


If you had 3 feet, how many toes would you have?
If 1 + 1 was equal to 3, what do you think 2 + 2 would be equal to? Why?
If you had 3 pieces of toast, and wanted to put 3 butter patties on each piece, how many butter patties would you need?



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