Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog, Numerator

he always likes the top

I have a dog named,
dog cartoon
Not equal,
Or any greater,
Than doggies Addition or Take Away,
He likes the top,
That’s what he’d say…
I came home late,
Where could he be?
Out for a jog, or a swim in the sea?
I searched for so long,
My eyes got all red,
I looked in the mirror,
He was asleep on my head!!!
Numerator’s always on top of things,
Bunk-beds, slides, see-saws, swings…
Late last night,
I heard a loud woooooof,
Numerator, was balanced,
Up on the roof!!
dog on roof of house
I was scared so stiff,
Horrified with horror,
If Numerator slipped,
He’d see no tomorra’,
I grabbed our old ladder,
I climbed to the top,
I screamed out, “Get down!”
But he didn’t stop…
Numerator danced,
A-one, two, a-three,
We both danced like mad,
My puppy and me…
All fears were gone,
We danced the whole roof…
If I had my phone’s camera,
The pics would be proof…
After hours of tango, of salsa, and swing,
We fell to the ground,
With a great, big, loud, ding!
I looked at Numerator,
“This all has to stop!”
But Numerator gave a lick,
“I just like being on top!!!


If a numerator is the top number of a fraction, what is the bottom number called?
Close your eyes and try to spell the word ‘numerator’ out loud!



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