Mr. R.’s World of Math

My Dog Subtraction

my dog loves to subtract!

cute cartoon puppy
You should meet my dog,
She’s always considered,
The main attraction!
Not known as fraction or multiply,
Call her those, and she may cry!
She has 3 ears, and 2 noses,
Has 3 eyes, 21 ‘toeses’
Has 5 legs, 2 tails too,
Subtraction dog, what did she do?
Subtracted away,
One of those each,
At least the dog pieces,
Within her paw’s reach…
Now doggy Subtraction
Looks really fine,
2 eyes, 2 ears,
Like yours and like mine…
cute cartoon puppy
Subtraction sit!
Here’s your dog treat,
dog biscuit cartoon
Hold it with your 5 doggy feet…


If my dog Subtraction has 9 treats, and I took away 1 treat each day starting on a Monday. What day of the week will it be when he has only two treats left?

If my dog Subtraction had 4 legs, and each of his legs has 1 paw, and each of his paws has 5 toenails, how many toenails does he have in total?

If my dog Subtraction has a bowl with 18 cups of food in it, and he eats 3 cups a day, how many days will it be before all of his food is gone?



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