Mr. R.’s World of Math

Digit School

the story of the digit 2

The final day of digit school,
Digits sat, proud and cool,
1, 9,
0, 8,
6 arrived,
Running late.
3, 7, 5, 4,
Look real hard,
Count one more…
The number near,
1 and 3,
Which one was it?
Count and see!
Headmaster grinned,
Felt quite primed,
End of year,
It was time,
For handing out,
Digit tasks,
‘Cause digit work
Always lasts…
7, 3,
Were put on knobs,
There were sighs, and laughs, and sobs,
1, 0,
Made a 10,
9, 8,
On clocks again…
2 just sat,
And sat,
And sat,
And sat, and sat,
And sat, and sat…
Waiting, waiting,
For his work,
A cop,
A cab,
A cook,
A clerk…

“Call me now!”
“Put me to use!”
Headmaster paused,
And sipped some juice,
Then he told,
4 and 6,
To go on cards
For magic tricks…
5 was asked,
To go on dollars,
The crowd yelled out,
With cheers and hollers!
2, complained,
“How bout me!!!”
I’m right here,
Next to 3…
Master looked,
Frowned a frown,
Stared at 2,
Feeling down…
A tear then dropped,
From his eye
He said some words,
Some digit’s cried…
“I’m leaving here,
My digit school,
I’ve thought it over,
Thought it through…
It’s time to go,
Rest a while…”
But then his frown,
Began to smile…
2, you’re special,
Sharing caring,
A great leader,
Friendly daring,
You’ll make digits
Great galore,
With 2 headmaster,
We’ll win some more!
2 sat there,
In his seat,
Stunned and shocked,
This was sweet!
The room, it rolled,
The room, it rocked,
Cheers filled his ears,
Around the clock,
2 got up,
Walked down the aisle,
With his proud,
2-digit smile!


How many different digits are there?
How many of the digits are even? How many are odd?
How many digits are between 4 and 8?
What is the digit that is 2 less than the digit 6?



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