Mr. R.’s World of Math


multiplying integers

There once was a girl,
Who felt so cold-cool,
She left trails of ice cubes,
All around school…
ice cubes
And when she got A’s,
On any math test,
She bragged the whole day,
She claimed to be “best…”
Her name was just Dotty,
She thought she was great,
She thought other students were all second rate..
Multiplication quiz?
“Easy!” said Dotty, the girl,
As pencil point twisted,
Her hair in a twirl…
But when she looked at the quiz on her desk,
She didn’t have answers she’d just have to guess…
What made it so hard,
Why was it so tough?
What made this math quiz,
So tumble and rough?
One number was positive,
The other was not,
Positive times negative,
Confused Mrs. Dot…
I can’t figure these out,
They’re not like I learned,
I need some math help,
I feel really burned…”
But no one helped Dotty,
Because Dotty was cruel,
No one helped Dotty,
Ms. Snotty at school…
So she sat at her desk,
Feeling all queasy,
Searching for answers,
Though answers are easy!!!
In multiplication,
If signs are the same,
A positive answer,
Is your end game…
Even two negatives,
Where signs make a match,
Give answers that end,
In the positive batch!
But if signs are opposite,
Like the words,
Get & give,
You will certainly see,
You get negative…
Should we help Snotty Dotty,
Do her math quiz?
Ok, let’s all teach her,
Who’s a math whiz…


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