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Perimeter Paul

don't drink drinks you find!

  Perimeter Paul,
Pranced out to play,
In his backyard,
One Friday in May…
Out in the back,
And under a tree,
Paul found a green bottle,
bottle green
Then 2 more,
bottle greenbottle green
That’s 3!!!

bottle greenbottle greenbottle green
3 bottles filled full-up,
Of special sweet stuff,
Paul guzzled all 3,
“3 wasn’t enough!”
The decision Paul made,
Wasn’t so sound,
You shouldn’t drink things,
You find on the ground!!!
Paul got real tired,
And slept for an hour,
He couldn’t have known,
The sweet stuff’s strange power…
Yes, something strange happened,
As Paul dreamed and dozed,
Paul’s body was changing,
From his head to his toes…
Drinking that liquid,
Hadn’t been wise!
When Paul got up,
What had changed,
Was his size…
Paul hopped to his house,
Tried the front door,
Paul couldn’t squeeze in,
Nope, not anymore…
house cartoon
Paul circled the outside,,
Around his whole home,
His house must have shrunk,
Or maybe he’d grown…
Around and around,
No way to get in,
Stuck on the outside,
Quite long and real thin!
The drink Paul had drank,
And this might not make sense,
Changed Perimeter Paul,
Into a fence…
fence yellow
And from that day on,
Life was real hard,
Paul equaled the distance,
Around his back yard…

(a perimeter is the distance around the outside of an object)


A rectangle has a side that is 4 feet long, and a side that is 6 feet long, what is the perimeter of the entire rectangle?

A square room has one side that is 20 feet long, what is the perimeter of the entire room?
Use a tape measure or other measuring tool to determine the perimeter around your classroom or one of the rooms in your house.


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