Mr. R.’s World of Math

Triangle Poem

introducing geometric shapes

triangle blue
Triangle cried,
Triangular tears,
They soaked her 3 sides,
They wet her 3 ears!
Triangle asked,
Why can’t I be square?
My sides are too slanted to grow my own hair!
triangle with hair
I shouldn’t be bald,
I wanna’ grow hair,
I prefer having fur,
Like a brown baby bear!
Circle rolled by,
circle blue
Said shapes aren’t known,
To grow their own hair,
Not on their own!
You should feel great,
No shapes can grow hair,
Just ask the rectangle, oval, or square!
rectangle orangeoval purple
And to tell the whole truth,
Bald is quite cool,
All shapes are bald,
We learned that at school…
You can be hairy,
But smooth is sweet too,
However you are,
It’s great to be you!
Triangle smiled,
Took a breath of fresh air,
When she realized it’s great,
To be bald or have hair!


Look around the room you’re in, count how many things you see that are triangles?

How many sides would 3 triangles have?

If you drew 2 triangles and 1 square, how many sides would you have drawn in all?

If there are 9 triangles, and 5 of them are blue, how many are not blue?



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