Mr. R.’s World of Math

Addition Limericks

to be read in limerick style

Addition adds up to a sum,
Like 0 + 1 = 1,
Since learning to add,
I haven’t been sad,
Adding my money is fun!
dollar bill cartoon

Adding, it brings no surprise,
You learn it and feel really wise,
And when it’s all done,
You call it a sum,
Makes numbers increase in their size…

A 2 plus a 1 makes a 3,
It’s really so simple for me!
But when I have more,
Like a 6 plus a 4,
My answers don’t always agree…

Sometimes I count on my fingers,
Like bees might sting things with their stingers,
bee cartoon
I think fingers are great,
At math they’re first rate!
Their knowledge is something that lingers…


If each of my feet grew 2 new toes, how many toes would I have in all?

If 3 of my 10 toes decided to go to the movies, how many toes would I still have on my feet?

How many toes would be on 3 feet? (each foot has 5 toes)



my dog: ways to make ten song


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