Mr. R.’s World of Math

Division Limericks

math poems in limerick style

Division, division, division,
A terribly easy decision,
It lets me just share,
My apple or pear,
With utter and perfect precision….

Here’s some good words of advice,
I think I might say them all twice,
Learn each times table,
And you’ll also be able,
To go and divide really nice…

Young laddie, it won’t make things worse,
Division brings no type of curse,
Repeated subtraction?
Break to a fraction?
Or multiply things in reverse?

Quotients are things that we find,
When division’s how math problem’s signed,
It has the math smarts,
To cut pies in parts,
The inverse of things we combined…

Dividing we do to divide,
Deciding we do to decide,
I think it’s agreed,
Some quotients may need,
Remainders to stand by their side…

I’ll give you an obvious fact,
Division won’t add or subtract,
It can’t cook grilled cheese,
Or buttery peas,
Quotients…division’s one act…

Division’s as easy as cake,
To parts those numbers will break,
As equal as twins,
Or left and right fins,
Or prongs you find on a rake…

A quotient, division does bring,
Circumference just measures a ring,
It might sound so dumb,
We add to a sum,
Subtraction? The difference we sing!



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