Mr. R.’s World of Math

Pemdas Story

not such a nice teacher...

Yelled teacher,
Voice loud like chimes,
Know what comes first,
Subtraction or times…
Or division, or adding, or any old math,
If you can’t learn your PEMDAS,
You can’t pass my class!!!
The name of the teacher was Mary McGrath,
And getting math wrong,
Incurred all her wrath!
And PEMDAS she said,
Makes you so right,
When you’ve seen PEMDAS,
You’ve lit the math light…
Let’s learn it again,
The order of math,
PEMDAS, so fine,
Like pockets of cash!!!
Parenthesis first,
Subtracting is last…
Multiplication, Division,
The vote has been cast…
E for exponents,
You already know,
Let us say,
Makes numbers grow…
M, multiplies,
Before you go add,
D for division,
Not Dave, Dog or Dad…
The A’s for addition,
And addition’s no fad,
S for subtraction,
It’s last but still rad…

Part II

That same afternoon,
In our math class,
Something bad happened,
With Mary McGrath…
An innocent boy,
Joey Zach Zemjas,
Discovered what happens,
When you forget PEMDAS…
Now I can say,
McGrath is real mean,
Resident evil,
But back to my story,
And Joey’s big blunder,
At least he’s alive,
And that’s a true wonder…
McGrath made a problem,
For us, to be solved,
But Joe didn’t care,
He wasn’t involved…
The problem she’d written,
4 X 3 – 2…
Wasn’t so hard,
If you just thought it through…
But Joey had trouble,
He made a mistake,
His PEMDAS was bad,
Like a really mad snake…
Joey said,
3-2 is 1,
And 4 X 1 is 4,
4’s the answer,
I’m satisfied,
And feeling pretty sure…
McGrath grabbed Joey’s little hand,
And yanked him from his seat,
You ignored the rule of PEMDAS,
It’s time for your defeat!!!
Yelled Joey to the class,
McGrath turned red,
McGrath turned blue,
This day will be your last!!!
She twisted Joey’s left arm,
Back behind his head,
Probably should have hurt a lot,
But Joey laughed instead…
Then she bent him silly,
Glued him to the wall,
Used a pound of super-glue,
So sure he’d never fall…
Parts of Joe she mushed up,
And twisted him to spell,
She felt so very swell…
Joe hung all of last year,
Until the end of school,
And when McGrath,
Took him down,
Joey knew the rule…
I hope you all have listened,
I hope you’ve all tuned in,
I hope you know your,
It’s the only way to win…

4 X 3 – 2 is equal to 12 – 2 which is 10…
Multiplication comes before subtraction…



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