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types of angles

When lines intersect,
And sometimes they might,
Angles are formed,
Some wrong and some RIGHT,
Angles are special,
They have different types,
Right, and obtuse,
Acute ones are nice…
Angles can’t angle,
Which means they can’t fish,

fish nemo
And angles can’t whistle,
Or grant you a wish…
Angle’s no ANGEL,
Or circle or sphere,
But they do come in handy,
When building a pier,
Three measures of angles,
For all sorts of needs,
Angles are formed,
When bending your knees…
Surrounded by angles,
I think what I’ve found,
Without these 3 angles,
Life would be round…

obtuse angles measure more than 90º
angle obtuse
acute angles measure less than 90º
angle acute
right angles measure exactly 90º
angle right


What type of angles do you see on this triangle?

triangle purple

What type of angles do you see on this rectangle?rectangle purple

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