Mr. R.’s World of Math


a pair is 2

Eyes are round,
eye red cartoon eye red cartoon
Not like squares,
square blue with eye ball square blue with eye ball
Almost always,
Come in pairs!!!
A pair’s not 1,
A pair’s not 3,
A pair is 2,
Look and see…
What’s a pair?
I forgot,
4 or 3?
No it’s not…
A pear’s a fruit,
But it’s more,
Pairs are 2,
They aren’t 4!
A pair of socks,
socks colorful
A pair of shoes,
A pair of gloves,

Things you lose!!
Doesn’t matter,
What or where,
When there’s 2,
You have a pair!!


Can you think of other things that come in pairs?
Can you think of anything that comes in sets of 3? (like wheels on a tricycle)
If there are five pairs of socks in a drawer, how many socks are in the drawer?
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