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The Number Thief: 9X Facts

The 9 multiplication facts (page 4 of 12)

Thief grimaced and laughed,
Looked north and looked south,
“Multiples of 9!”
What spilled from his mouth…
I’m gonna’ just take them,
Just wait and just see,
All multiples of 9,
Will be coming with me!
I stared and I snarled,
And yelled at the thief,
“You might wanna’ know,
I do have a beef,
With the way you steal work,
The numbers I write,
You better get ready
For a 9’s table fight!”
The number thief growled,
He flexed his three muscles,
Said he loved nines,
And times tables tussles…
Thief said he was ready,
To have a 9’s rumble,
He figured the 9’s
Were ones I might jumble…
Thief screamed out 18,
Like a witch that sounds sick,
sick witch
And then waited for me
To return his 9’s trick
I laughed cause I knew them,
All my 9’s facts,
I wouldn’t fall into
Any 9’s traps!
18 is easy
Like tying my shoe,
18 is always,
9 times ____

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