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The Number Thief: 9X Facts

The 9 multiplication facts (page 5 of 12)

The thief,
He was shocked,
I’d answered him right,
Thief didn’t think,
I’d have a 9’s fight…
And when I told him the answer,
Something awful took place,
The thief shriveled a little,
From his toes to his face,
That is he got older,
Like dinosaur bone,
dinosaur skeleton
Looked like he belonged,
In a retirement home…
This time the thief,
Wouldn’t shrink or explode,
This time when I answered,
The thief would grow old!
Thief screamed out a number,
That gave me no fear,
He screamed 7 loudly,
Right in my right ear!
I said,
7 X 9?
That’s how you challenge me?
7 X 9
is just ____

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