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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 9 of 12)

They ran towards my tree,
christmas tree math
But I stopped them there cold,
I turned on their machine,
thief vacuum
I felt pretty bold!
I sucked up the thief,
And his tiny twins too,
Right into the hose,
What else could I do?
Inside the machine,
The thieves were then trapped,
If my parents had been there,
They both would have clapped,
I looked through the window
On machine’s right-hand side,
Number Thief and his brothers,
Were standing inside…
I yelled at the thief,
Now leave me alone,
Stay away from my numbers,
Stay away from my home!
Or I’ll send you to Mars,
It’s first on my list,
And on Mars,
You should know,
Numbers don’t even exist!

If it takes 7 days for a reindeer to fly to Mars once,
how many days will it take for a reindeer to fly to Mars 6 times?

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