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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 10 of 12)

I reversed the machine,
And it shot the thieves out,
Like water that’s running,
From a cold water spout,
faucet with water
They flew through the air,
That cool Christmas Eve,
And the next thing I saw,
I could hardly believe,
Thief and his brothers,
Fell into their sled,
And screamed at their reindeer,
His name was Big Ed…
He was sadly so large,
He couldn’t quite fly,
So he called them a cab,
He was a nice guy!
taxi cab

If the cab ride back to Number Thief’s cave cost $6 per thief,
and there were 9 thieves in the cab,
how much did the cab ride cost in total?

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