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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 8 of 12)

I yelled just one word,
Then ran towards my work,
That one word I said,
Might have been “jerk!”
I pulled my poor math book,
Out of the hose,
blue hose
And dropped it right down,
On number thief’s toes…
green toes
He jumped up so high,
Like some sort of missile,
And turned to his brothers,
And let out a low whistle…
And then he yelled loudly,
Yelled out commands,
To all of his brothers,
They were more like demands!
Grab back his math book,
Take all his toys,
From under that tree,
christmas tree math
Hurry up boys!
And while we’re at it,
With number thief games,
candy canecandy canecandy cane
Take all his tinsel,
And sweet candy canes!

If our tree had 10 branches on it,
and each branch had 6 candy canes hanging on it,
how many candy canes were hanging on the tree?

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