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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 5 of 12)

I heard quick crook footsteps,
Real loud on the roof,
I thought and I hoped,
I could make them go poof!
I spun really fast,
Ran from my front door,
When I saw thief and brothers,
Land there on the floor…
They were dressed-up like Santa,
santa cartoon
In red, white, and black,
They’d hauled up a really large,
Ugly black sack…
black bag
They were dressed up like Santa,
White beards they had glued,
They thought my math homework,
Made really good food!
But unlike real Santa,
They’d come here to take,
Santa’s a giver,
These thieves were a fake!

If the thieves used 6 tubes of glue to glue on their fake beards,
and each tube had 3 ounces of glue in it,
how many ounces of glue had they used all together?

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