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The Number Thief: 6X Facts

What really happened the night before Christmas! (page 6 of 12)

They opened the sack,
And pulled something out,
A real large machine,
For stealing no doubt!
thief vacuum
A homework machine,
 With hose in the back,
They aimed straight at math book,
I heard a loud crack!
Thief screamed,
Get me sixes,
And all multiples,
We’ll all eat some sixes,
Until we’re all full!
Their eyes were now glowing,
Their faces so scary,
Their cheeks were like toadstools,
All bluish and hairy!
They aimed the big hose,
And set it on low,
But Number Thief frowned,
We’re moving too slow!
They turned it to high,
To give me more grief,
They sucked up our gumdrops,
gum drops
And our evergreen wreath!

If there are 11 gumdrops in a full bag, and I used 6 full bags,
how many gumdrops had the thieves sucked up with their machine?

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