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The Number Thief: 5X Facts

The 5's multiplication facts (page 11 of 12)

It was the thief’s stomach,
Still on my chair,
And I saw that my 5,
Was still stuck in there!
stomach cartoon with 5 in it
It was digesting,
It was real icky,
But I reached in my hand,
It was kind of real sticky…
I yanked out my 5,
And ran to the sink,
I washed it right off,
To get off the stink..
Then right back to my notebook,
Where it belongs,
Like birds live in nests,
And singers sing songs…
I looked at the chair,
And yes it was clean,
The mud was all gone,
No mud could be seen…
The plates, and the cups, and the pictures,
Were “fixes”,
I gave my machine,
5 x 4 kisses…

How many times did I kiss the machine?

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