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The Number Thief: 5X Facts

The 5's multiplication facts (page 12 of 12)

My parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
Would they ever believe,
What I’d tell them at all?
No way, and no how,
I already knew it,
When they didn’t believe me,
It gave me a true fit…
But I told them what happened,
Told them in case,
And they both got an angry,
Sad look on their face…
sad face emoji sad face emoji
I told them, I’d told them,
What happened that night,
Number thief had been there,
He’d put up a fight,
Until I zapped him real hard,
With my new Thief Machine,
Turned thief to a leaf,
And left the house clean…
My parents both grimaced,
And put me to bed,
Told me that truth,
Was the best bet instead…
But when I looked at the clock,
What would they say then?
All numbers were there,
Except the 5 and the 10!

clock with 5 and 10 missing

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