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The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers

recognizing even and odd numbers (page 2 of 9)

And suddenly, and horribly,
Thief opened his mouth,
And these are the words,
That came rumbling out,
“I am the meanest,
The thief of all numbers,
And yours will be mine,
Like a great grizzly slumbers…
grizzly bear sleeping
This time,
I don’t want,
Your 3’s or your 9’s,
No, it’s all evens,
Even numbers are mine!!!!”
He came running at me,
Like a bat from a cave,
bat cartoon
I dodged him, and tripped him,
And this is what gave…
He looked up,
And screamed,
“I want your evens!”
I got mad,
And screamed back,
“You must be believin’,
I’ll give them to you,
But you know that I won’t,
So bring it on Mr. thief,
But I suggest that you don’t…”
He ran right at me,
Like a pea shot from pod,
And screamed out 15,
And 15 is _____

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