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The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers

recognizing even and odd numbers (page 4 of 9)

When I told thief the answer,
To his number 15,
Something strange happened,
Like dirt that looks clean…
Number thief grew fatter,
Like a balloon that is blown,
Number thief grew larger,
Like a kid that has grown…
But thief kept talking,
He loved to make noise,
And was 2 times louder,
Than misbehaved boys!
“I don’t want odds,
Just the evens,
No 9’s or 11…”
“I want the evens!”
Screamed chubby ol’ thief,
And he looked round and round,
Like a holiday wreath…
He came yet again,
This time screaming 5!!!,
Coming so fast,
I ducked to survive!
I looked at the thief,
And gave him a nod,
Can’t make equal parts,
Because 5 is quite _____

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