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The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers

recognizing even and odd numbers (page 2 of 9)

The sound got so loud,
Like the noise of a train,
It screamed out so loud,
It rattled my brain…
And suddenly standing,
Beside me again,
The man who got numbers,
Without using a pen…
Pen ball point
I was stuck in my home,
With no place to run,
I looked at the homework,
I’d just gotten done,
I looked at the thief,
He was ugly as ever,
He won’t get my numbers,
Not now,
And not never…
It was me,
My homework,
And the world’s littlest thief…
He looked like he did,
But he’d grown some more teeth…
As a matter of fact,
You should be believing,
He’d grown 32,
And that number is _____

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