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The Number Thief: Adding Tens

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I think it was light,
I think it was dark,
I think I was home,
Or was I in the park?
Oh yeah,
Oh yeah,
It’s all coming back,
My parents?
At the mall!!!
They’d brought a big sack…
They’d gone to get something,
To stop Number Thief,
From stealing my numbers,
Called Thiefly Relief…
box thiefly relief
They’d left me alone,
With my best, good friend Ben,
We were happily doing,
Math homework again…
We were adding, subtracting,
And measuring shoes,
Making patterns of colors,
With reds, greens, and blues…
But then something happened,
That scared me and Ben,
Something real bad,
Like 7 plus 3 equals _____

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